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PICP (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements) reduce storm water runoff by infiltrating rain through the paver surface into a gap-graded base below.

LEED credits can be achieved by PICP when integrated as a BMP (Best Management Practices) for storm water control.

The “Eco-Locking” interlocking concrete paver is 5” X 10” X 3 1/8” thick and interlocks across an open joint space.  The open joint space is filled with a course drainage aggregate, allowing storm water to infiltrate at a rate well over the heaviest rainfall event.

The "Eco-Locking" paver can be mechanically installed in a herringbone pattern or manually in other patterns such as basketweave and runner bond.

A PICP system with our "Eco-Locking" pavers will provide these benefits:

    * Reduce impervious cover
    * Increases on-site infiltration of storm water
    * Reduce pollution from run-off
    * Colors available with Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of at least 29
    * Manufactured with locally sourced materials
    * Reduced Portland cenment content enhanced with recycled Flyash
    * Eliminates the need for a detention pond and its land
    * ADA compliant

Contact Us at 210.534.8821 for more information and literature, regarding the design and construction of permeable pavements in the San Antonio area.

For a full list of available LEED credits visit LEED CREDITS(PDF)